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Northridge Cars Warranty

All Northridge Cars vehicles come with the comprehensive Northridge Cars 30 day bumper to bumper guarantee.

For those prudent individuals requiring additional 'peace of mind' we also offer a 1, 2 or 3 year 'PLATINUM WARRANTY'.

Our warranty has an exceptionally inclusive cover, superior to all other policies we have found and compared in the marketplace.

Put simply, Our policy covers ALL mechanical and electrical components on your vehicle with a small list of exceptions, either service items, aftermarket modifications, items covered under regulatory road insurance or items damaged by neglect or vandalism.

Compare this with other policies that only cover a specified list of items. These lists do not reflect the many thousands on components that make up the modern motor vehicle. These so called 'named component' policies simply don't provide the peace of mind and confidence that an all inclusive policy such as ours ensures.

Please ask your sales professional for further information